Get Your Car Passing
Done Conveniently

We’ve all been in a situation when our car is nearing its renewal and you need to get the passing done. It’s a tedious process, that takes time & energy and no one wants to spend time on a cue for hours. Plus, the time spent on the road is a task in itself. Towr brings a convenient alternative that takes all the hassle out of the car passing process. Now you can schedule a car passing through Towr app, get your car delivered to the testing center, and get it taken back to you safely in no time. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. We’ve got your back!

Our Convenient Process

You need the Towr app

Download the app now

Select a time

Choose the time that is convenient for you

Select a location

Choose the location for the car wash in a few clicks

Request the service

Select the payment method and request the service. That’s how easy it is!

Relax & track

Track your car throughout the journey.